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NYC Vibe
Ripple of Hope Awards
(Original air date 3/21/19) The Ripple of Hope Awards celebrated leaders of the international business, entertainment, political, and activist communities for their lifelong work in the fight for global human rights.
Season 11: Ep. 5 - Advice Good Enough To Eat
This episode is all about the advice. Potluck learns how to break down a whole chicken and then learns the secrets of your favorite spices.
Food. Curated.
Season 5: Ep. 6 - Mindfulness
Learn to feed your dreams, honor old family recipes, and support your digestive balance through Ayurvedic foods. Liza discovers ways to be mindful about what we eat.
March 21, 2019
Looking for something fun and free to do this week? Here are some of the best events happening around New York City.
92Y on NYC Life
Season 11: Ep. 2 - Leading With Purpose
Bestselling authors and leadership experts Simon Sinek and Arthur Brooks explain why uncovering our "why" is the key to greater effectiveness and personal happiness.
City Scoop
March 15, 2019
March 15, 2019 edition of City Scoop
Season 11: Ep. 4 - A Whole Meal in Half an Hour
Potluck has the whole meal covered, from simple cocktails to easy scones for dessert. And we might even throw some pizza in the middle.
Food. Curated.
Season 5: Ep. 4 - Artisan Bakers
Award-winning storyteller Liza deGuia reveals the city’s top bread bakers and pastry chefs in this episode made for gluten lovers.
92Y on NYC Life
Season 11: Ep. 1 - Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics
Network news anchors Dan Harris and Anderson Coober debunk misconceptions about the practice of meditation.